Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail


mtn-bikListed as a ‘Hall of Fame Epics Ride‘ from the International Mountain Biking Association, Syllamo Trail consists of over 50 miles of single track trails through the Ozark National Forest just north of Mountain View.

Phase 1 of the Trail is 22 miles in length and contains 3 interconnected loops which are accessible from the Trailhead on Arkansas Highway 5 (or other locations along Green Mountain Rd.)

The three loops within Phase 1 include:

  • White River Bluff Loop
  • The shortest loop in length – 4.5 miles. Quite difficult and steep at some points, but the end views of White River and the surrounding valleys make it worth the extra effort.

  • Bald Scrappy Loop
  • a Moderate 7.3 miles in distance and suitable for beginning riders. Trails lead through beautiful Ozark Forests.

  • Scrappy Mountain Loop
  • The longest in distance – 12 miles. Steep & challenging terrain, but nothing a beginner couldn’t overcome. The trail crosses several creeks, allowing riders water splashing fun.

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